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While maritime security and enforcement may be improved by attaining the right equipment and surveillance, that is by no means adequate for the execution of ocean governance mandates at sea. A higher priority must be placed on empowering relevant stakeholders with professional training, operational knowledge and best practices. This is particularly important because unlike on the land, any activity and enforcement at sea raises complex issues that must be carefully navigated. In addition to our regular training programmes, our team of experts provide customised and in-house training that meets your organizational needs.

Since its establishment, the Centre has run the following capacity building programmes. Some of these programmes were tailor-designed for specific institutions, while others drew on participants from relevant ministries, departments and agencies across the sub-region.

Law of the Sea and Current Developments in Africa
Maritime Administration, Ports Management and Shipping Law

Our Ocean, Our Energy

Maritime Security and Transnational Organised Crime
Law of the Sea and Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea

Global Maritime Relations and Developments in Africa

Training Compositions

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